3 Weeks in Haiti

In January of 2010, Freelance instructor Michael Andrew traveled to Port-Au_Prince Haiti to help victims of the earthquake. This is where the idea of Red Lightning was initially born and developed.

You can read about Michael's experience in his new e-book "3 Weeks in Haiti", which can be ordered from the following e-book retailers. As part of its inital fundraising efforts, 100% of profits from the sale of this book will go to directly towards Red Lightning.


In the days following the Haitian earthquake that claimed more than 230,000 lives on January 12 2010, freelance Photography Instructor Michael Andrew and fellow photographer Brian Owen traveled to the ravaged capital of Port-Au-Prince, Haiti with little more than a desire to help and the gear they could carry. After driving through the Dominican Republic to get to Haiti, the duo make alliances with other aid workers in country, including Mathieu Louis, a naturalized American citizen of Haitian birth, who is searching for his missing family. Abandoned and rejected by the major aid groups already on the ground, Michael and Mathieu take matters into their own hands, hiring a group of local Haitian men to help execute an unprecedented and innovative plan: using GPS technology to locate and tag orphanages that have "slipped through the cracks" of the larger relief effort and convince those in control of aid resources to support these orphanages. This is an extraordinary true story of service, friendship, and hope.

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